The Minimalist
The Minimalist For the couple who loves the big moments
The Minimalist package is perfect for the couple that only wishes to see highlights building up to the big I Do’s. From the beginning of the wedding day, the brides last look in the mirror, and the moment you walk the aisle as Husband and Wife. The Minimalist has you covered.
3-5+ minute highlight video (includes hair and makeup, the wedding party getting dressed, ceremony)
Digital file on 1x USB Thumb Drive (perfect for sharing online)
1x DVD
Not In This Package:
Full Ceremony Video
Full Father Daughter Dance
Full Mother Daughter Dance
Full Speeches
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The Modernist
The Modernist Package is for the couple that wants to see all the highlights of the day
The Modernist Package has all the best moments of the entire day as a highlight video
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The Industrialist
The Industrialist Package is for the couple that doesn't want to miss a thing from their big day
The Industrialist Package has all the best moments as a highlight video, the full ceremony, and all the things in-between. Everything from The Minimalist and The Modernist is included as well as individual moments as bonus content on the DVD and Thumb Drive. This industrial sized video includes all the moments you’ll miss. Such as your guests arriving, the entirety of the first dance, and more.
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*Final delivery of physical materials and full digital previews can be expected 2-6 months after your wedding date.

Wedding Highlight Preview

Wedding Highlights

Wedding Highlights

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