I am Brandon Peoples

A Videographer from Kansas City, MO

My Wedding Videography Mission Statement


Light, airy, and moody. The trifecta of natural beauty. This is what has drawn me into wedding videography. There’s a special something that resonates with people on a wedding day. Whether it be from the hand crafted flower arrangements or the details in the cake. Love is in the air!

Unfortunately, the wedding party can only take in so much on the big day. Here’s where I step in. When it’s all said and done, you should have a memory you can watch over and over again. A memory that highlights your wedding day.

Light, airy, and moody. Love isn’t just in the air anymore. It’s on film.

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While browsing the site, you will run across a couple different logos (both are shown below). These logos represent two different endeavors of mine. In an attempt to separate commercial and personal projects, the explanations are given below.

Brandon Peoples Videography

You will find this logo on commercial productions. This includes weddings, lifestyle photography, real-estate, and similar projects. Promotional material will most likely contain this logo as a watermark for advertisement.

BP (Brandon Peoples)

This logo is used to represent my personal projects. This includes music, art, and anything non-commercial related. This logo is more like my personal brand. This minimalistic logo is composed with a B and a P laying on their side to form a mountain range.

Other Credits:

Throughout the site, you will see icons from The Noun Project. Below are the credits to the creators of these beautiful icons.

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